About Us

Discover the outstanding breadth and depth of our family of brands and labels.

Our Company

  • 24 months of growth
  • Global Operation
  • HQ based in West Midlands
  • In-house blending and bottling plant

Our Purpose

We hold the conviction that each occasion shared with friends over a drink ought to be remarkable and distinctive. Our mission is to unite people over a drink that perfectly complements both the company and the moment. We aspire for the beverages during your gatherings to enhance your celebration.

Choose not merely any drink, but one tailored to you. We meticulously craft our exceptional spirits to serve as the focal point of genuine moments.

We advocate for individuals to bond over one meticulously crafted, exceptional drink at a time, relishing every sip responsibly.

Our Brands


Our fervour for creating the finest spirits and our drive to revolutionise the industry has led us on an extraordinary voyage. We transcend beyond merely vodka.

Presently, we boast a distinguished portfolio comprising over 8 brands and labels, encompassing rum, flavoured vodkas, gin, whiskey, and cream-based spirits.

Every brand possesses a distinct character, and we’re renowned not only for the exceptional taste but also for how we breathe life into them through unforgettable marketing, attractions, and experiences.

Jatt Life Vodka

Jatt Life Vodka

It’s not simply premium; it exudes both smoothness and luxury. Indeed, this is no bottle meant to be tucked away. Rather, it’s meticulously crafted, marketed, and produced with the intention of gracing the top shelf of life.

Jatt Life Whiskey

Jatt Life Whiskey

The choicest oak casks are handpicked to age this delightful Irish whiskey, carefully selected for maturation. They gradually imbue the spirit with depth, allowing the natural flavours to evolve and flourish over the years.

Jatti Gin

Jatti Gin

Exquisite both in appearance and taste, this gin harmoniously combines flavours from the finest botanicals to create a pink gin that is both smooth and intricate.

Sweet Shop Vodka

Sweet Shop Vodka

The delectable vodka at Sweet Shop Vodka is ideal for any occasion. Offering a variety of delightful flavours inspired by everyone’s favourite sweet shop treats.

The House Vodka

The House Vodka

Straightforward, no-frills vodka. An ideal foundation for cocktails and equally delightful when served over ice. Distilled three times to achieve a clean, classic taste.
(Exclusive to Bars and restaurants)

G92 Vodka

G92 Vodka

G92 Vodka is meticulously handcrafted, using thoughtfully selected ingredients to produce a sophisticated and intricate spirit, rich in natural flavours.

F28 Caribbean Rum

F28 Caribbean Rum

F28 Rum is the brainchild of Fumes The Engineer, the globally renowned music producer. F28 Caribbean premium rum is bursting with tropical flavours.

Rico 69

Rico 69 Tequila

Rico 69 Tequila cream liqueurs are the trailblazers in the Tequila realm. They are bold, daring, and rebellious.

Our People Culture


Boldness defines us. We are pioneers and visionaries. We don’t mimic; we innovate. Our aim is to establish enduring brands, not fleeting successes.


Innovation drives us. We achieve this by thinking creatively, empowered to question, challenge, and revolutionise our business and working methods. Nothing impedes our progress!


We’re a close-knit family. Though our team may be small, we’re incredibly powerful. We handpick only the finest talent for each role, whether it’s our designers and marketers or our exceptional blenders and bottlers.


It’s the sole approach we believe ensures excellence in everything we undertake. Every brand we forge becomes an integral part of our family, and together, we thrive and evolve.


The entrepreneurial spirit lies at the core of all our endeavours. We view every brand we create as our own, nurturing them with care and dedication.


We prioritise what’s best for the business, and each of us holds ourselves accountable for our work. We actively engage and innovate, welcoming questions before rushing to solutions. Our ethos revolves around constant evolution and growth.


We thrive on teamwork, pooling diverse talents and perspectives to achieve our goals. Each member plays a vital role in our collective success, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support.


In a dynamic business landscape, we remain agile and open-minded, readily embracing change and innovation. Our ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities ensures our resilience and sustained growth.